Acapellas Dj Tools Vol .02

01-Pedro Diaz-Musik (Dj Tool-Acapella)
02-Artur Salvador-Is Not Over feat. Teresa Aleixo (Dj Tool-Acapella)
03-Ruben Santos Inuvas-Pega M Boa feat. Inuvas (Dj Tool-Acapella)
04-Unik The Unpredictable Duo-Yes We Are feat. Phil G (Dj Tool-Acapella)
05-Pedro Diaz-Prety Face (Dj Tool-Acapella)
06-Santos-Imagina (Dj Tool-Acapella)
07-Phil G-Beat Box Man Tools (Dj Tool-Acapella)
08-Pedro Diaz-Uahhhh Fx Tool (Dj Tool-Acapella)
09-Phil G-Handz Zup Noise (Dj Tool-Acapella)
10-Pedro Diaz Ludde La Rossa-Botle Of Champagne (Dj Tool-Acapella)

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