Foliage Acapellas Vol 3

Atjazz, Dominique Fils-Aime – See-Line Woman (Studio Acapella)
Daniel Rateuke, Ursula Rucker – Or Stay Alive (Studio Acapella)
Dilouya, Omar – Over The Sun (Studio Acapella)
DJ Fudge, Barbie Mak – Something (Studio Acapella)
Glass Slipper – Unification Vibration (Studio Acapella)
Hallex M, Nathan Adams – Promise Me (Studio Acapella)
Jimpster, Rich Medina – This Thing (Studio Acapella)
Moon Rocket, Paula – Could It Be (Studio Acapella)
Moon Rocket, Paula – Reciprocity (Studio Acapella)
The Layabouts, IMAANI – Shine (Studio Acapella)

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