M.I.A. – Acapellas

M.I.A. – Bad Girls (Studio Acapella)
M.I.A. – Borders (Acapella)
M.I.A. – Born Free (Acapella)
M.I.A. – Boyz (Acapella)
M.I.A. – Bucky Done Gun (Acapella)
M.I.A. – Double Bubble Trouble (Studio Acapella)
M.I.A. – Galang (Acapella)
M.I.A. – Hombre (Acapella)
M.I.A. – Jimmy (Acapella)
M.I.A. – Paper Planes (Acapella)
M.I.A. – Paper Planes (Acapella)
M.I.A. – Pull Up The Poor (Acapella)
M.I.A. – Steppin Up (Acapella)
M.I.A. – Sunshowerd (Acapella)
M.I.A. – U.R.A.Q.T. (Acapella)
M.I.A. – XXXO (Acapella)

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